Zoom — Oct 19, 2020 — 2:00p - 4:00p

First Annual Symposium of Good Systems—A UT Grand Challenge

A the First Annual Symposium of Good Systems--A UT Grand Challenge, we examined how our grand challenge work to date brought us closer to our mission of designing ethical AI technologies. The asynchronous portion of the Symposium is still available on this website.


Our panelists will covered relevant, pressing topics such as social media misinformation and disinformation during the 2016 and 2018 election cycles, tracking COVID-19 through transportation systems, and examining algorithmic fairness and transparency through the lens of racial and social justice. Good Systems researchers also detailed their seven collaborative projects with the City of Austin and share plans about future collaborations with UT’s Institute for Foundations of Machine Learning – all with the aim of designing tangible AI technologies that have real-world applications.  

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Attend one or all three panels. Topics include machine learning, local government collaborations, disinformation, and racial justice.

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Symposium presenters represent disciplines ranging from computer science and engineering to journalism, information, and public affairs.

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Good Systems has many projects underway and several more that are launching this year. See what researchers have been working on at UT.